WeHunt logotyp


Create your hunting map by drawing boarders and place map pins such as high stands, game cams, tracks, scat and much more. Add sub areas and forbidden areas to the map and voilà – the perfect hunting map is at your hands.

Invite your friends to the hunting ground created, with either a join code, e-mail, SMS, or via Messenger. You can all manage the hunting ground and start hunts together.

As a hunt participant, you can see the hunting ground during the hunt, chat with other participants and see and report observed and downed game during the hunt.

As a member of a hunting ground, you can chat with the other members whenever you want. When a hunt is started, you can chat with the hunt participants during the hunt. You’ll also be notified whenever you get a new message.


Create an artificial fence on the map in WeHunt, when the dog moves outside the fence you will get an alarm in the app which tell you that the dog is outside the fence.

Relevant for WeHunt GPS owners. Control means that the GPS owner can choose between hunt mode and energy saving mode in the app, choose track length and also share the GPS with hunt participants.