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For an easier, safer and more meaningful hunt

Create maps with towers and waypoints
With WeHunt, you can create your hunting map and draw boundaries/boarders and place map pins such as towers, high stands, game cams, tracks, scat and so on.
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Share map with the hunting team
Invite your friends to the hunting ground created, with either a join code, e-mail, SMS, or via Messenger. You can all manage the hunting ground and start hunts together.
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Participate in hunts
As a hunt participant, you can see the hunting ground during the hunt, chat with other participants and see and report observed and downed game during the hunt.
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Secure safety while hunting
It is important to know where each member of the hunting party is located on the hunting grounds. Knowing the sitting locations and walking positions of your companions and your dogs in real-time during the hunt helps your group better define unsafe shooting directions and keep track of your group.
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Track your dog
By showing your dogs position while hunting, your friends can find and assist your dog if needed. The overall hunting experience is raised when friends are able to follow the action.
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When the hunting ground and the map are created, you can start hunts together where you can see both each other and participating dogs live on the map. You and your hunting team navigates easily throughout the woods using the map and compass in the app. You quickly and simple communicates via both chat and push-to-talk, all for a safer hunt.


We strongly believe that with less hassle and a safer hunt, you get more time for fellowship and more time to focus on all the fun parts of hunting. When you have everything gathered in your smartphone, you simply get more space for the hunt as it’s supposed to be.

More meaningful

Built-in chat with push-to-talk makes communication easy. Use the wind indicator to plan your approach. Share images from trail cameras. Hunting reports show observed and shot game.