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For an easier, safer and more meaningful hunt

Create maps with towers and waypoints
With WeHunt, you can create a hunting map by drawing boundaries and placing pins for towers, high stands, game cams, tracks, and scat.
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Share map with the hunting team
With just a few clicks, you can invite friends to access your map and join the hunt!
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Participate in hunts
As a hunt participant, you can see the hunting ground during the hunt, chat with other participants and see and report observed and downed game during the hunt.
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Secure safety while hunting
It is crucial to be aware of the location of each participant on the hunting grounds. Having knowledge of the sitting positions and walking positions of your companions and dogs in real-time during the hunt can assist your group in defining unsafe shooting directions and keeping track of the group.
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Track your dog
By showing your dogs position while hunting, your friends can find and assist your dog if needed. The overall hunting experience is raised when friends are able to follow the action.
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Easier hunting navigation

Once the hunting ground and map are created, you can initiate joint hunts, enabling real-time tracking of each other and participating dogs on the map. You and your hunting team can easily navigate through the woods using the map and compass within the app. 

Stay safe and connected

Our app enables you and your team to stay connected in real-time, facilitating swift communication and coordination during hunts. By tracking each other’s locations and utilizing features like geofencing and live chat, WeHunt helps ensure that everyone stays informed and aware, contributing to a safer and more secure hunting experience for all.

Seamless communication

Communication is key during hunts, and WeHunt makes staying in touch with your hunting team easy. The app offers multiple communication channels, including text chat and push-to-talk voice chat, allowing you to exchange messages and coordinate actions in real-time. Whether you need to alert your team of a potential threat or share information about game sightings,